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I am sure you will agree that changing ones cleanser can be a bit of a trauma. I do not have sensitive skin but also do not have the kind of skin you can slap just anything on. Having frequented many beauty hall counter in my time, I could present you with a executive level Powerpoint presentation of most top skin brands. Many of which promise the earth and skin as soft as a babies behind. And for some time, I believed them.

Which Cleanser?

Liz Earle was recommended to me with hushed tones by a friend who worked at Space NK. Their words were ‘Cleanse and Polish is the one, trust me’. This person worked at Space NK and was recommending another brand, well of course I was going to trust!

Liz Earle flagship store, Duke of York Sq, London

I wandered into the  shiny, mint green and wooden friendliness of the Liz Earle store in Duke of York Square near Sloane Street. I was greeted, given a demonstration and before I knew it, out the door clutching the cutest little bag containing the Cleanse and Polish kit (£13) complete with two muslin cloths. I also had a helping of healthy sized product samples without even asking. Try that elsewhere!

Liz Earle Website

The Cleanse and Polish is a delight to use and made with natural extracts of  camomile, rosemary and eucalyptus. You pump out a small amount of cream, massage it around your face (and eyes!) then wipe it off using the muslin cloth in warm water. Highly regarded by Beauty Editors in the know, I now agree as my skin has literally never felt so good.

I love the philosophy and people behind the brand. Working with the benefits of plant extracts the products are naturally good for the skin. They even employ the help of local community growers on the plant front.

Created by Liz Earle and her friend Kim Buckland in 1995. Liz has a background as a Beauty Editor and has written over 30 books on the subject. She is also an expert in botanical ingredients, natural health and well-being. Kim’s expertise on the manufacturing, retail and packaging side makes the partnership complete.

If you do anything when you are next in the Sloane area of London, take a tip from me and visit Liz Earle. Trust me your skin will thank you!

Fuella xx


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