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Whilst lounging around the rugged gem of an Island that is Sardinia I have been indulging in way to much food and local wines collected with empty water bottles from local wine makers. However I have also been checking out the traditional Sardinian dress and its history which has influenced the hand of designer Antonio Marras so much.

Traditional Sardinian Dress

For AW 2011, The talented designer who spends a lot of the time on the Island at his studio was inspired by the intriguing story of  the legendary Sardinian bandit queen Paska Devaddis. A lady who famously wore a mixture of men and woman’s clothing.

Antonio Marras inspiring mood boards

The True Story of Paska Devaddis

Usually the tirade of fearless Sardinian men, Devaddis’ legacy is that of a strong, caring and gentle young lady in the early twentieth century Sardinia who cooled the fracas between the feuding Cossu and Corraine families and lived a turbulent life beyond the law.

Antonio Marras AW 2011

Check out Antonio Marras’ runway show below. I love the magpie mix of vagabond lady style, cropped fur-trimmed tweed coats, heirloom brooches, trinkets and antique floral prints.

Keep on Fuelling,

Fuella x

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The desire of wanting to own something beautiful and finally having it is bliss. Nowadays there is a growing appreciation for something of substance created using the best of craftsmanship, quality and design.

On the other hand this kind of product can be threatened by underhand, exploitive websites and back street sellers of fake copies of the real deal. How can you feel fulfilled owning something that you know is not real and perhaps has caused more harm than good in its creation.

Stop Fake Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is a brand on a zero tolerance mission against websites selling ‘Cheap Louboutins’. The brand has implemented a special programme against these rogue retailers who bear the brands logo on their products.

Do not want to mess with Mr Louboutin you rogue sellers!

Check out the website to find out more: Stopfakechristianlouboutins.com Spread the word to help this just cause.

Keep on Fuelling!

Fuella x

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Ok. I admit I have an unhealthy obsession with Rodarte. The brands Autumn/Winter 2010 collection upsets me so much as I know I will be sartorially bribed into owning certain coveted pieces! However, I have found that practicality can be fashions friend when it comes to certain ingenious designs. Forget Katie Perry’s unflattering strip lit glow dress at the NY Met Ball, Nicholas Kirkwood’s vertigo inducing melting wax heels for Rodarte are the way forward.

Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte 'Sleepwalking' AW 2010

A cool internal design, way over my head, allows the shoes to glow in the dark. The gorgeous feet candy are finished off with beautiful soft leather gathered round the ankles (Sigh!).

As far as I am concerned they warrant a ‘Totally Beautiful and Safety At Night’ award. Nicholas Kirkwood must have been influenced by Supergirl’s Omegahedron when creating these.

Fuella xx

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Dr Martens give some kick to any outfit. They dress down a formal look, add rock chic character to a girly outfit and are super cool with khaki leggings/tailored harems and loose silk shirts for Spring.

Dr Martens- Rock Chic at its best

The brand is synonymous with generations of cool style culture and tomorrow (1st April) Dr M celebrates its 50th anniversary.

I feel obliged to add to the festivities of this milestone by purchasing a pair of boots to mark the occasion and feel drawn to the Hot Pink Patent Lamper boots below.

Hot Pink Patent Lamper boots £70

The epitome of Dr Marten with the assurance of never being missed in the festival crowd this summer!

Fuella x

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I always think that when you discover a really good find, it deserves the respect of being a word of mouth only gem! I think this is ethos of the legendary and beyond trend Jackson Store in Notting Hill London. Founded by twins Louise and Joey Jackson, the duo sport a perfect combination of design and business. Louise is the creative force behind the store and Joey is the business brains. The shop has been an authority of style and individuality since 2000.

Jacksons Store, pictured embroidered Lily Bag £150

Yesterday was cold, wet and an altogether gloriously traditionally English day of weather. However as I stepped off the street into the peach flower blotted corner building of the  store at 5 All Saints Road, I was transported to a world of colour on off-white canvas. Peering out from this haven onto such a drowned out day I loved the red birds and flowers painted on the windows with thick school paintbrush strokes.

Interior of Jacksons, Nottinghill

Renowned for beautifully hand-crafted leather boots, pumps and retro style heels, the store also stocks a hand-picked selection of Aztec and meadow coloured tea dresses (£125-£395),  super fitting Nudie jeans £95, accessories and candles- very delicious candles from £15!

Interior of Jacksons, Nottinghill

I am afraid I am a sucker for a shop dog and when this little fellow strutted out to greet me on arrival I could have stayed all day.

Super Cute Shop Pooch! Collars from £24-£47

Of course he had a serious marketing ploy as he was cunningly demonstrating the stores unique line in super stylish dog collars from £27. This also translates to belts and other leather accessories.

Dog Collars £27 and Candles from £15- perfect!

The store and nearby concession at J Beetons on Ledbury Street, have a unique and inspiring curated feel and are constantly evolving so it is worth coming back to see what is new.  I understand that the company is set to re-launch its website soon. You heard it here first….

Fuella xx

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Collaborations seem to have become a right of passage across the fashion industry and after the initial rush of interest, the idea is losing momentum and becoming decidedly boring.  It seems that any designer/brand worth their weight in salt seems to have crossed the divide into art and music and brainstormed ideas to creative something innovative, limited edition and collectable.

I admit to jumping on the bandwagon with some of the most memorable such as Louis Vuitton/Richard Prince, Kate Moss/Topshop and Stella McCartney/H&M. It was novel, fun and interesting. However, 2008-2009 saw a leap in these kind of collaborations and the industry seems saturated with partnerships!

Lindsay Lohan and Ungaro, Lily Allen and New Look and one of the most puzzling is the recent news of a collaboration between Jimmy Choo and Ugg. Yes, they are both footwear brands and are very popular but is the pairing of comfy, leisure shoes with slinky, towering heels not slightly strange?

First things first, I NEED to see what they look like. Perhaps the curiosity of such a partnership will drive this one more than the design aspect.

Talking of design, my thoughts go out to the poor souls lumbered with the creative on this one. Fur lined, six-inch stiletto anyone?

If you feel tempted to buy a pair of ‘Chugs’- post me a picture.

Fuella xx

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If there is one thing Fuella cannot do- its a sale. Last week I wandered out to Westfield London for a relaxing stroll around. Admiring the magnificent architectural structure, streamed with light and filled with covetable goodies I will of course not be tempted by, although some frenzied shoppers were on a mission!  They careered around like people gone mad. Casing every square inch of the place with ‘sale’ eyes lit like beacons and hot-footing it into every store with a blazing red sign outside.

At one point I feared for my immediate personal safety when two apparent ‘ladies’, one in Dior snowboots and the other in a furry heaven poncho (personal note to self!) proceeded to screech and scrawl at a discounted messenger bag. I could not condone this kind of behaviour, unless the item was at least 60% percent off, bespoke and signed by the designer.

Later, I consoled myself at Crepe Affaire with a Nutella crepe and hastened to the belief that apart from a few sale induced cases of madness, Westfield is becoming a pretty cool place to strut. I love the pop up music and fashion events and shiny new global fashion stores to discover in hidden nook and crannys.

However, the ultimate Fashionista nod of approval is that the super cool and totally chic Net-A-Porter girls have sailed their fashion ship out West from Queensway and now reign on high in offices of pristine gorgeousness on the top floor.

If you go up there knocking for some sound sartorial advice, do not tell them I sent you!

Fuella xx

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I died and went to heaven after visiting Anthropologie at 158 Regent Street today. It is full of everything lovely and is the perfect place for pottering around in, something that is not often done in London’s West End!

Histoires de Parfum £115.23 at AnthropologieI have to say that a bottle of Histoires de Parfum 1804 whiled its way from the store on on to my dresser at home. Made by perfumers D.S & Durga this scent has a very Parisian base with clean musk, white jasmine, vanilla blended with pineapple and peach notes. Clever, unique, old style and perfect for crisp autumn days.

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