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Whilst lounging around the rugged gem of an Island that is Sardinia I have been indulging in way to much food and local wines collected with empty water bottles from local wine makers. However I have also been checking out the traditional Sardinian dress and its history which has influenced the hand of designer Antonio Marras so much.

Traditional Sardinian Dress

For AW 2011, The talented designer who spends a lot of the time on the Island at his studio was inspired by the intriguing story of  the legendary Sardinian bandit queen Paska Devaddis. A lady who famously wore a mixture of men and woman’s clothing.

Antonio Marras inspiring mood boards

The True Story of Paska Devaddis

Usually the tirade of fearless Sardinian men, Devaddis’ legacy is that of a strong, caring and gentle young lady in the early twentieth century Sardinia who cooled the fracas between the feuding Cossu and Corraine families and lived a turbulent life beyond the law.

Antonio Marras AW 2011

Check out Antonio Marras’ runway show below. I love the magpie mix of vagabond lady style, cropped fur-trimmed tweed coats, heirloom brooches, trinkets and antique floral prints.

Keep on Fuelling,

Fuella x

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Just looked out my window and had to double-take. Is this really still August? My floaty summer dresses are hanging on the back of the door looking forlorn and the pretty tan sandals that had temporarily become an extension of my feet are kicked off somewhere (actually I need to find them). It is on a fine British summer day such as this that we can either console ourselves with Net-A-Porter’s AW delights or seek solace in sun elsewhere.

I am off somewhere warm and sunny for a few weeks and promise to keep you up to date on my travels, people, food and culture. It is what I am calling the last stand of summer 2010.

In the meantime, can I leave you with this blue embroidered dress of beauty from Marc Jacobs that will team beautifully with my post holiday tan in September.

Blue Embroidered Marc Jacobs Dress, (£179 hire price)

I will be hiring, yes you heard right! from my new second home: Girl Meets Dress. This fantastic wardrobe of wonders allows one to hire dresses, bags and more for a mere fraction of the price. Their motto is ‘Borrow…Party!..Return’. It is like a kind older sister with a heart-breakingly stunning wardrobe and superb eye for detail.

Pretty Things from Girl Meets Dress

I guess I will be sporting the dress at Vogue’s fabulous Fashion’s Night Out in London on 8th September.

See I am already looking forward to coming home again. The grass is always greener!

Keep on Fuelling,

Fuella x

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By now you know what pleasure it gives me to promote the creativity and talent of my dear friends. Too much of what we buy today is mass fabricated, available to all, and just a bad rip-off of what someone else thought up. It makes me feel great to wear something special, handmade in small batches, the result of love and passion and dedication.

Anna Sammorarone A/W 2010 Collection

The Anna Sammarone collection is handmade in southern Italy. She is another lady with smiling eyes who makes the most adorable clothes –  romantic and sexy at the same time.

Anna Sammarone AW 2010 Collection

I am not a very frilly person, but there is something about the way Anna places her ruffles and flowers, and the girlish but seductive empire waist she stays faithful to, that I can never resist.

Anna Sammarone AW 2010 Collection

I hope you enjoy this little preview of Anna’s powdery and feminine A/W Collection.

Anna Sammarone AW Collection 2010

Anna Sammarone AW 2010 Collection

I shall be getting on a plane to Rome soon to place my pre-order.  Do join me!

Keep on Fuelling!

Fuella x

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Nothing makes me happier than to support my friends in their creative and entrepreneurial endeavours. It makes me especially happy when supporting them translates into getting something beautiful and original for moi.

Fortunately, I have numerous creative friends around the world making gorgeous things, so I have a lot to be happy about. Today, I want to highlight my friends Anna e Alex, two fantastic Italian ladies with smiling eyes and heaps of creativity.

Anna e Alex Carta zucchero e tobacco Earrings

Every time I wear a pair of Anna e Alex earrings I get stopped in the street about them.

Anna e Alex Cognac e Gardenia Earrings

Anna and Alex are two ex-Bulgari girls who turned their hand at making fabulous colourful jewellery using passementerie and semi-precious stones. Passementerie, for those of you who don’t know, are tassels and fringes and cords that you might use to trim, say, a curtain. Anna e Alex’s earrings put me into a great mood every time I wear them.  Ear Candy is what I call that.


Of course Anna e Alex would not be happy with me if I didn’t tell you that they also make great necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks.

Turchese e Argento earrings

Come to think of it, I really love the Intreccio bracelet, and if you have any newly expectant girlfriends and really want to give them a cute present, the stork necklace is a fabulously thoughtful pressie.

Stork Necklace from Anna e Alex

Keep on Fuelling!

Fuella x

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I know – I am out of tune with the retail calendar. By now, I should be blogging about worsted wool, tweed, cashmere, shearling.  Summer collections have gone into sale and pre-fall collection hit stores ages ago.

I refuse.  It is not even July, people, and I am just hitting my summer stride. In addition, the thought of a chunky knit right now repulses me. I am dreaming of jewelled sandals, bikinis, beach bags, kaftans. I would be dreaming of short shorts if I felt I could pull them off (sadly too many people appear to think they can, but that is another subject). So, to inspire those summer babies amongst you, I am listing a few of my summer must haves as I plan for my impending holiday on the Med.

Beach Must Haves

I am thinking of a delectible  selection of floaty frocks or printed kaftans– I love the Aurora dress by Calypso St Barth

My Little Beach Beauty! Aurora by Calypso

I also have my eye on this silk kaftan from Biondi Couture which is generally great source for covetable beachwear.

Biondi Kaftan! Floaty Summer Gorgeousness.

I am also lining up a pair of jewelled sandals from Capri – nothing puts more of a spring in my step. Canfora sandals are cleverly available on line.

The Mouth-Watering Da Costanzo!

Da Costanzo’s models will require an in person visit to the Island of the Sirens. If you are lucky he will send you his new styles via CD in advance so you can start to mull over your choices.

I also need a great beach bag – I am really enamoured with the amazing selection of hand-embroidered Moroccan shoppers available at Comptoir Libanais on Wigmore street in London.

Comptoir Libanais, Wigmore Street, London

They have been beckoning to me like candy in a sweet shop since the deep dark days of winter. Here I come my babies…

Comptoir Libanais

Comptoir Libanais

And finally, I will be packing a great swimsuit or bikini (or 10!) – you who know me know that I love my swimwear. My personal favourites are Eres (though they are so expensive, ouch)

The Beauty of Eres Paris

Vix,  has an endless selection of colours and styles and generally a great fit (and doesn’t break the bank).

Vix Swim Wear Super Nice with a good Price!

Keep on Fuelling, Beach Style!


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A cheeky streak of sun on the tail end of the Easter holidays has prompted the imminent peeling off of winter layers and the reawakening of the flip-flop. Take haste though, as from experience we know that this could be a summer teaser. It could all end in tears when the heavens open up and rain on our sartorial parade!

In preparation for summer, when it decides to arrive. I can tell you that I want and heart this super cool yet intricately chic Annix Embroidered Crop jacket by Marlene Birger £238. It is a staple that can simply be worn with anything at any time of the day!

Annix Embroidered Crop Jacket £238

The super cool Danish designer has just opened her first UK flagship store at 28 Marylebone High Street. This could prove very dangerous for me.

Keep on Fuelling

Fuella x

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I always think that when you discover a really good find, it deserves the respect of being a word of mouth only gem! I think this is ethos of the legendary and beyond trend Jackson Store in Notting Hill London. Founded by twins Louise and Joey Jackson, the duo sport a perfect combination of design and business. Louise is the creative force behind the store and Joey is the business brains. The shop has been an authority of style and individuality since 2000.

Jacksons Store, pictured embroidered Lily Bag £150

Yesterday was cold, wet and an altogether gloriously traditionally English day of weather. However as I stepped off the street into the peach flower blotted corner building of the  store at 5 All Saints Road, I was transported to a world of colour on off-white canvas. Peering out from this haven onto such a drowned out day I loved the red birds and flowers painted on the windows with thick school paintbrush strokes.

Interior of Jacksons, Nottinghill

Renowned for beautifully hand-crafted leather boots, pumps and retro style heels, the store also stocks a hand-picked selection of Aztec and meadow coloured tea dresses (£125-£395),  super fitting Nudie jeans £95, accessories and candles- very delicious candles from £15!

Interior of Jacksons, Nottinghill

I am afraid I am a sucker for a shop dog and when this little fellow strutted out to greet me on arrival I could have stayed all day.

Super Cute Shop Pooch! Collars from £24-£47

Of course he had a serious marketing ploy as he was cunningly demonstrating the stores unique line in super stylish dog collars from £27. This also translates to belts and other leather accessories.

Dog Collars £27 and Candles from £15- perfect!

The store and nearby concession at J Beetons on Ledbury Street, have a unique and inspiring curated feel and are constantly evolving so it is worth coming back to see what is new.  I understand that the company is set to re-launch its website soon. You heard it here first….

Fuella xx

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If there is one thing Fuella cannot do- its a sale. Last week I wandered out to Westfield London for a relaxing stroll around. Admiring the magnificent architectural structure, streamed with light and filled with covetable goodies I will of course not be tempted by, although some frenzied shoppers were on a mission!  They careered around like people gone mad. Casing every square inch of the place with ‘sale’ eyes lit like beacons and hot-footing it into every store with a blazing red sign outside.

At one point I feared for my immediate personal safety when two apparent ‘ladies’, one in Dior snowboots and the other in a furry heaven poncho (personal note to self!) proceeded to screech and scrawl at a discounted messenger bag. I could not condone this kind of behaviour, unless the item was at least 60% percent off, bespoke and signed by the designer.

Later, I consoled myself at Crepe Affaire with a Nutella crepe and hastened to the belief that apart from a few sale induced cases of madness, Westfield is becoming a pretty cool place to strut. I love the pop up music and fashion events and shiny new global fashion stores to discover in hidden nook and crannys.

However, the ultimate Fashionista nod of approval is that the super cool and totally chic Net-A-Porter girls have sailed their fashion ship out West from Queensway and now reign on high in offices of pristine gorgeousness on the top floor.

If you go up there knocking for some sound sartorial advice, do not tell them I sent you!

Fuella xx

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Christmas. No matter how far ahead you are with finding the perfect gifts, buying and wrapping them- somewhere between the first week of December and the 23rd you lose about two weeks because ‘stuff’ gets in the way and it all descends into panic.

No matter how I try to avoid this scenario – I am always one of those beings who look like I am eternally running for a bus during Christmas week. This year amongst the hosts of delicious scented candles, spotify subscriptions and handmade chocolates I felt the need to buy gifts that would give something back… It is lovely to make someone smile as they unwrap something perfect, but imagine if that gift could also make other people happy as well.

The lead up to the festive season has been strangely unfussy. Even the media, advertising and press seemed to scale back with tired looking stretches of tinsel, absurd and ruthlessly unstylish Christmas hats. I decorated at home but left it very minimal way as that is how it feels this time round.

Christmas but in a truer, purer sense of the word. Even a floret or two of snow has made a guest appearance in old London town. It feels like Christmas- Old Style.

 Below are a few ideas that mean and give something that is good.

 The Guardians Christmas Charity appeal is dedicated to helping children in Teso, Uganda realise their dreams and helping them study towards a brighter future. http://www.guardian.co.uk/christmasappeal2009

 At Oxfam.org.uk  you can by a family a goat couple for £50. This will help a family in Malawi farm their own area of land and produce milk.

The Raising Malawi charity in collaboration with gifted jewellery artisan Aurora Lopez Mejia, have created a custom jewellery line of bronze, gold and silver tablet shaped Ingot pendants on a necklace of natural rope.

All proceeds of sales will go directly to supporting the work of helping a country devastated by AIDS/HIV. $36 – $1200. http://www.auroralopezmejia.com/Ingot-Pendants.html

Twinkle twinkle towards 2010

xx Fuella.

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I am of the opinion that e-flitting is the internet equivalent of window shopping. I can drool that bit longer over something that catches my eye on the web longer than in a shop before the nice shop people might come over and politely ask me to leave for lurking there for over an hour. Still makes me feel bad to think that I am ‘still’ finding excuses for yet another party piece to wear. It’s not my fault! I blame fashion media for constantly bombarding me with gorgeous dresses and shoes and Polyvore for going ahead and putting it all together most beautifully before my eyes- its torture.

I am sure that this naughty sequined lace jump suit from Stella McCartney (stellamccartney.com) is following me, crying out to me with all the advantages of why I should buy it.

It’s sequined so no need to buy jewelry, its black so can be worn practically anytime of the year, it’s top and trousers so is a double saving and hey- its Christmas so why shouldn’t I treat myself or get someone else to. Good will to all sequins? Please someone stop me from being a bad girl.

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