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My personal Seabag

Seabags from Maine (USA) combine two of my favorite things. They “up-cycle” – recycle old sails to create cool beach totes and other accessories, AND they allow you to personalize your bag. Every bag is handcrafted in Maine.

An artisan crafting a Seabag in MaineThey also make these cute weekendersMy personalized SeabagSailed around the world, recycled in Maine

I just love the custom trend. It just makes me feel great to have a product that is individualized. To know it’s unique to me. Like my Nike ID’s that have my initials on the back and come in a color combination I chose.  Ah, consumer satisfaction at it’s best. So you can imagine my exhilaration when I got my custom Seabag in the post yesterday – a large tote with the word MARE (Sea in Italian), emblazoned on the front in blue.  Beach, here I come!

Sailed around the world, recycled in Maine - love this sentence


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About a year ago or so I decided that I would spend less money on clothes and shoes, and more money on beauty and wellness. After all, I would rather look great in a paper bag than look like hell in a Balmain getup. I decided to start getting regular facials, invest in good products, eat lots of supplements, and do loads of yoga. My guiding light in a lot of this has been a website called http://www.victoriahealth.com. I discovered it several years ago because it stocks Cetaphil, my favourite gentle cleanser from the US. But more recently I really got into reading Gill’s monthly newsletters and trying (almost) everything she suggested. The letters are so verbose, but I read them front to back. I trust this woman. I won’t list ALL the things I’ve bought, but a few of the ones I keep getting more of: 1.) Miracle Lotion by Seven Wonders (little tip though: You can get the stuff for half the price from the US), it smells like a Hawaiian Luau and really does the trick for dry skin, great also for after-sun 2.) Hyaluronic Acid in capsules – a great supplement for your skin 3.) The Wondercap, a kind of heatable shower-cap you put on your hair when you apply deep conditioning treatment and 4.) Valerie Beverly Hills bee sting lip plumper, which will keep you away from the plastic surgeon and with luscious lips. Ok, I will stop myself there. More of Fuella’s beauty secrets next time!

Cetaphil, trusty and inexpensive cleanser

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Dearest friends and followers forgive me for my long absence. I have been busy fueling my own personal economy (read: working hard) and unable to report on my adventures in shopping or retail crushes. Rest assured, I have had a few, and I have not neglected my mission to keep the economy churning through my spending habit.  There’s lots of catching up to do. Let me start with this little update. I have recently purchased a beautiful Panama hat by Italian hat making legend Borsalino. Of course, the Panama is the dernier cri right now , I know, but what really drew me to purchase the Panama (aside from its astonishing good looks) is the craftsmanship story behind it. Did you know it takes more than six months to make one of these babies? I am so looking forward to donning it this summer, and keeping my fingers crossed for lots of sunny, wind free (this is key, I have learned  – there is nothing more unsettling than chasing around a renegade hat) days so I can get a lot of use out of it. Enjoy! love, Fuella

The Borsalino Panama, it takes over 6 months to make

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Whilst lounging around the rugged gem of an Island that is Sardinia I have been indulging in way to much food and local wines collected with empty water bottles from local wine makers. However I have also been checking out the traditional Sardinian dress and its history which has influenced the hand of designer Antonio Marras so much.

Traditional Sardinian Dress

For AW 2011, The talented designer who spends a lot of the time on the Island at his studio was inspired by the intriguing story of  the legendary Sardinian bandit queen Paska Devaddis. A lady who famously wore a mixture of men and woman’s clothing.

Antonio Marras inspiring mood boards

The True Story of Paska Devaddis

Usually the tirade of fearless Sardinian men, Devaddis’ legacy is that of a strong, caring and gentle young lady in the early twentieth century Sardinia who cooled the fracas between the feuding Cossu and Corraine families and lived a turbulent life beyond the law.

Antonio Marras AW 2011

Check out Antonio Marras’ runway show below. I love the magpie mix of vagabond lady style, cropped fur-trimmed tweed coats, heirloom brooches, trinkets and antique floral prints.

Keep on Fuelling,

Fuella x

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I am in Sardinia right now and it is hot. It is so hot that the turtle who lives at the bottom of the garden has dug a hole and moved in underground. He has the right idea! I on the other hand am hiding under an umbrella on the beach. More on this later!

It funny that in the midst of dense, dry, stifling heat you start to think of gorgeous Autumn clothes and all their billowing layers fluttering in the crisp cold wind. I am loving Cole Haan’s lush boots and court shoes right now.

Cole Haan, Luxury for Feet!!

The soft grey Air Talia thigh boots $498 will look perfect pulled over jeans or tights.

Air Talia Boots $498

I did capes last year but could resist a quick peek at this Contrast Trim Cape £80 from ASOS.

Contrast Trim Cape £80

This is a throw over any outfit staple I can use all Autumn/Winter.

Fuella x

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Just looked out my window and had to double-take. Is this really still August? My floaty summer dresses are hanging on the back of the door looking forlorn and the pretty tan sandals that had temporarily become an extension of my feet are kicked off somewhere (actually I need to find them). It is on a fine British summer day such as this that we can either console ourselves with Net-A-Porter’s AW delights or seek solace in sun elsewhere.

I am off somewhere warm and sunny for a few weeks and promise to keep you up to date on my travels, people, food and culture. It is what I am calling the last stand of summer 2010.

In the meantime, can I leave you with this blue embroidered dress of beauty from Marc Jacobs that will team beautifully with my post holiday tan in September.

Blue Embroidered Marc Jacobs Dress, (£179 hire price)

I will be hiring, yes you heard right! from my new second home: Girl Meets Dress. This fantastic wardrobe of wonders allows one to hire dresses, bags and more for a mere fraction of the price. Their motto is ‘Borrow…Party!..Return’. It is like a kind older sister with a heart-breakingly stunning wardrobe and superb eye for detail.

Pretty Things from Girl Meets Dress

I guess I will be sporting the dress at Vogue’s fabulous Fashion’s Night Out in London on 8th September.

See I am already looking forward to coming home again. The grass is always greener!

Keep on Fuelling,

Fuella x

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I am no digital wiz but my ears will twitch at the mention of a super-cool new concept and Fashion Popcorn sounds sweet!

Freshly popped, this initiative launched at London College of Fashion and had a interestingly mixed bag of fashion designers, bloggers, digital media practitioners and film-makers all in attendance with pencils or should I say smart phones poised!

Fashion Popcorn

Fashion Popcorn is a digital fashion salon created to demystifying digital, social and pervasive media, debunk the geek myths, and encourage the use of new technologies for creative expression and communication. All of which sounds pretty cool!

Fashion Popcorn Launch

We listened to presentations from creators Editorial Consultant and Digital Content Producer Emily Fleuriot and her sister Harriet, an award-winning performance film-maker. Following the bouncy sisters, Kathryn Ferguson, a super-cool film-maker who has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga and Richard Nicoll talked about her work and the industry and Tim Kinderberg of Matter2Media presented his intriguing Krystl Project.

Emily and Harriet’s mum Constance, who is also a founder of Fashion Popcorn sat at the front snapping away on her camera. I love her blog Grannies With Mobiles.

Following an interesting and interactive panel discussion, we relaxed in the adjoining Terrace with a Martini (who sponsored the fabulous event). I played with Tim’s interactive mannequin and pondered the future of fashion on an increasingly digital landscape. Could this just be the beginning?

Keep on Fuelling,

Fuella x

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