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I am no digital wiz but my ears will twitch at the mention of a super-cool new concept and Fashion Popcorn sounds sweet!

Freshly popped, this initiative launched at London College of Fashion and had a interestingly mixed bag of fashion designers, bloggers, digital media practitioners and film-makers all in attendance with pencils or should I say smart phones poised!

Fashion Popcorn

Fashion Popcorn is a digital fashion salon created to demystifying digital, social and pervasive media, debunk the geek myths, and encourage the use of new technologies for creative expression and communication. All of which sounds pretty cool!

Fashion Popcorn Launch

We listened to presentations from creators Editorial Consultant and Digital Content Producer Emily Fleuriot and her sister Harriet, an award-winning performance film-maker. Following the bouncy sisters, Kathryn Ferguson, a super-cool film-maker who has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga and Richard Nicoll talked about her work and the industry and Tim Kinderberg of Matter2Media presented his intriguing Krystl Project.

Emily and Harriet’s mum Constance, who is also a founder of Fashion Popcorn sat at the front snapping away on her camera. I love her blog Grannies With Mobiles.

Following an interesting and interactive panel discussion, we relaxed in the adjoining Terrace with a Martini (who sponsored the fabulous event). I played with Tim’s interactive mannequin and pondered the future of fashion on an increasingly digital landscape. Could this just be the beginning?

Keep on Fuelling,

Fuella x


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By now you know what pleasure it gives me to promote the creativity and talent of my dear friends. Too much of what we buy today is mass fabricated, available to all, and just a bad rip-off of what someone else thought up. It makes me feel great to wear something special, handmade in small batches, the result of love and passion and dedication.

Anna Sammorarone A/W 2010 Collection

The Anna Sammarone collection is handmade in southern Italy. She is another lady with smiling eyes who makes the most adorable clothes –  romantic and sexy at the same time.

Anna Sammarone AW 2010 Collection

I am not a very frilly person, but there is something about the way Anna places her ruffles and flowers, and the girlish but seductive empire waist she stays faithful to, that I can never resist.

Anna Sammarone AW 2010 Collection

I hope you enjoy this little preview of Anna’s powdery and feminine A/W Collection.

Anna Sammarone AW Collection 2010

Anna Sammarone AW 2010 Collection

I shall be getting on a plane to Rome soon to place my pre-order.  Do join me!

Keep on Fuelling!

Fuella x

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I am afraid I have developed something of an obsession with Frozen Yogurt. Perhaps its the weather beckoning me to refresh myself with something cool and lovely. Although it could also be down to the fact that it is apparently fat-free. That is until I smother a tub with carmelized nuts or chocolate sprinkles, then its just embarrassing but blissful!!

Thinking of you dear readers, I have taken the liberty of visiting several frozen yogurt spots and after careful consideration and several toppings, I reveal my top 3!

Yu-Foria, Beak St London

Yu-Foria on 38 Beak Street is the stuff of dreams. I popped in to the petit grass walled outlet a few weeks back after being spiritually drawn to the Fat Free sign. I got a small mango and passion fruit yogurt topped with a delicious helping of strawberries £3-4. They fill the pot right to the top with plenty peeking over. The furniture inside Yu-Foria is handmade in Scotland using wood from eco-friendly forests.

Fancy a Snog at Liberty?

Now if you happen to be wandering around London and fancy a snog, head to Liberty where they are dishing them out by the bucket load! This already world-renowned frozen yogurt has kindly taken over a section of Liberty with its irresistible pots of deliciousness! I particularly loved the refreshing yet zingy Green Tea Snog from £2.85. Not only is it fat-free but its super good for you too! Yum yum.

Itsu Frozen Yogurt- the small ones are super-cute!

Still not convinced, well worry not as Itsu’s mega popular frozen yogurt could be right up your street. They sell just one flavour but have a nice little choice of toppings to go with it. My favourite has to be a small Squirrels Dream £1.80. This is a tootsie, espresso cup sized yogurt with a generous helping of carmelized nuts. It is small enough to avoid guilt factor and hey it has to be good if the Hanover Square branch is packed with Vogue houser’s picking up their fix!

Keep on Fuelling,

Fuella x

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Nothing makes me happier than to support my friends in their creative and entrepreneurial endeavours. It makes me especially happy when supporting them translates into getting something beautiful and original for moi.

Fortunately, I have numerous creative friends around the world making gorgeous things, so I have a lot to be happy about. Today, I want to highlight my friends Anna e Alex, two fantastic Italian ladies with smiling eyes and heaps of creativity.

Anna e Alex Carta zucchero e tobacco Earrings

Every time I wear a pair of Anna e Alex earrings I get stopped in the street about them.

Anna e Alex Cognac e Gardenia Earrings

Anna and Alex are two ex-Bulgari girls who turned their hand at making fabulous colourful jewellery using passementerie and semi-precious stones. Passementerie, for those of you who don’t know, are tassels and fringes and cords that you might use to trim, say, a curtain. Anna e Alex’s earrings put me into a great mood every time I wear them.  Ear Candy is what I call that.


Of course Anna e Alex would not be happy with me if I didn’t tell you that they also make great necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks.

Turchese e Argento earrings

Come to think of it, I really love the Intreccio bracelet, and if you have any newly expectant girlfriends and really want to give them a cute present, the stork necklace is a fabulously thoughtful pressie.

Stork Necklace from Anna e Alex

Keep on Fuelling!

Fuella x

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I love a interesting Jewellery find. It has to be eye-catching, beautifully made and have the ability to set off any outfit. Gaudion Bowerbank is the brainchild of Kelly Bowerbank and Claire Gaudion who met whilst studying at London College of Fashion.

Gaudion Bowerbank Website

Their combined interest in jewellery that had traditional values but also contemporary appeal led them to setting up their venture. Faces in the jewellery and fashion worlds have already started to take note of the duo and their portfolio of unique jewellery designers. So much so the chuffed duo picked up the covetable ‘Designer of the Year’ award at the recent Treasure Jewellery Week in London.

Super Grins: Gaudion Bowerbank pick up the Designer of the Year Award at Treasure

Heather Kosch Bracelet £735

I was particularly taken by Heather Kosch’s geometric Collection and this super-cool Arrow Bracelet £735

Mayza Joao Bending Ring £335

I also want to slip on the unusual Bending Ring by Mayza Joao £335. It is made from silver and and gold sphere.

The website has an insightful section dedicated to all of the workshop action. Here you can check out how the pieces are made and the designers inspirations.

In The Studio!

It is always good to know where your purchase came from.

Keep on Fuelling!

Fuella x

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