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During the day I love to graze on handfuls of yummy pickety snacks. Obviously there are many of these that are bad for us but sometimes that just makes them all the more appealing.

I have happened upon a super-cute little company aptly named Graze and now my post lunch-time slump is a thing of the past.

Graze Website

This cuter than cute concept allows you to have generously filled (environmentally friendly) trays of nuts, olives, seeds and organic chocolate.

They are perfect for having on your desk throughout the day and can be delivered in the UK from only £2.99.

Keep on Fuelling,

Fuella xx

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The desire of wanting to own something beautiful and finally having it is bliss. Nowadays there is a growing appreciation for something of substance created using the best of craftsmanship, quality and design.

On the other hand this kind of product can be threatened by underhand, exploitive websites and back street sellers of fake copies of the real deal. How can you feel fulfilled owning something that you know is not real and perhaps has caused more harm than good in its creation.

Stop Fake Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is a brand on a zero tolerance mission against websites selling ‘Cheap Louboutins’. The brand has implemented a special programme against these rogue retailers who bear the brands logo on their products.

Do not want to mess with Mr Louboutin you rogue sellers!

Check out the website to find out more: Stopfakechristianlouboutins.com Spread the word to help this just cause.

Keep on Fuelling!

Fuella x

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I love Whole Foods in Kensington High Street. It is the kind of fresh, healthy inducing place that makes you feel good just by visiting it. Unfortunately it is virtually impossible to leave without at least two bags full of totally good for you purchases. My wallet does not always feel fantastic after a visit! 

Wine by the bottle at Whole Foods

I discovered the very dangerous super idea of buying wine by the bottle from the vintage barrels. It is cost effective and means I can reuse bottles each time. Now that is as good a reason as any to keep stocked up over the summer! 

I also had a leisurely wander in the cosmetics and toiletries section, browsing little known brands. I had the feeling you get when visiting chemists and super markets on holiday. Some times you discover niche little products to take home. The packaging and smells dreamily let you conjure up vacations and days spent sat by the beach waiting for the sun to dip. 

When I am in Italy I NEED to stock up on Roberts Acqua Distillate Rose Water and Spuma di Ciampagna Soap. 

Rose Water


Spuma di Ciampagna Soap!


The Rose water is such a great facial toner and leaves a light fragrance on your skin. I also use it after a day in the sun as it is very refreshing and nurturing. Champagne Soap works up to a rich creamy lather that is lovely to bathe in. The gorgeous smell makes me think about the powdery perfume air and bygone Italiano love songs of La Dolce Vita. 

Fuella xx

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Ok. I admit I have an unhealthy obsession with Rodarte. The brands Autumn/Winter 2010 collection upsets me so much as I know I will be sartorially bribed into owning certain coveted pieces! However, I have found that practicality can be fashions friend when it comes to certain ingenious designs. Forget Katie Perry’s unflattering strip lit glow dress at the NY Met Ball, Nicholas Kirkwood’s vertigo inducing melting wax heels for Rodarte are the way forward.

Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte 'Sleepwalking' AW 2010

A cool internal design, way over my head, allows the shoes to glow in the dark. The gorgeous feet candy are finished off with beautiful soft leather gathered round the ankles (Sigh!).

As far as I am concerned they warrant a ‘Totally Beautiful and Safety At Night’ award. Nicholas Kirkwood must have been influenced by Supergirl’s Omegahedron when creating these.

Fuella xx

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