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Dr Martens give some kick to any outfit. They dress down a formal look, add rock chic character to a girly outfit and are super cool with khaki leggings/tailored harems and loose silk shirts for Spring.

Dr Martens- Rock Chic at its best

The brand is synonymous with generations of cool style culture and tomorrow (1st April) Dr M celebrates its 50th anniversary.

I feel obliged to add to the festivities of this milestone by purchasing a pair of boots to mark the occasion and feel drawn to the Hot Pink Patent Lamper boots below.

Hot Pink Patent Lamper boots £70

The epitome of Dr Marten with the assurance of never being missed in the festival crowd this summer!

Fuella x

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I am so excited about  this luxe light wool and cashmere blend scarf from Liberty London (£195). The colours are bold, bright and highlight a rather relaxed photo of Liberty London Founder Arthur Liberty and his wife. The historical photo was taken in 1800s.

Mr Liberty & his wife scarf £195

As you twine the long lengths of material around your neck, the colours and imagery are twirled in a fantastic collage of colour. The scarf is part of a series which depict Mr Liberty and his wife together and also separately. I love the colour and reawakening of these historical images for Liberty of London.

I have a desire to wear this all day with everything I own. I also fancy that I may even buy another to pin to a picture case and hang at home. Simply beautiful and beyond any trend.

Fuella xx

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I wonder if clothes have or give emotional vibes or feelings. The richly colour drenched dress dictating the theme of an entire fashion shoot or a messenger bag that reminds you of the one hanging behind the door in your grandmother’s house untouched for years.

It is natural to think of clothes in a thought-provoking way. Creations come into a consciousness via colour, tradition, inspiration and are translated into a design and ultimately their own being. I wonder what the creator thinks whilst working and if they hope someone wearing the finished piece will feel the power of inspiration.

There are certain colours, fabrics and designs I will be drawn to because of sartorial memories I have. Of course I love directional, innovative ideas and those instigators who move the industry forward. However those who blend this majestically with past influences to create something to makes you think are mesmerizing.

Manish Arora embodies a wake of power in his magnificent creations. Each intricately hand-made piece is a weave of inspiration combining colour, fabric and technique.

Manish Arora SS2010

The first time I saw a Manish Arora piece I felt that it could be carefully pinned to a platform and encased in a glass box. A piece of art.

Barely out the door following her MA showcase at London College of Fashion, Young Lilee is a true design talent with skill for creating beautifully structured designs with intriguingly draped pieces of French rope. Each length is hung around the designs in symmetrical patterns.

Young li Lee

I was at the LCF MA show to see the young designers showcase their new collections and found this one quite memorable. Influenced by the strength of a women and their use of passive aggression to assert themselves.

Ann Demeulemeester could be described as an Artist who uses fashion as one of her mediums. Her clothing effortlessly combines tradition, versatility and contemporary feelings in its own form of poetry.

Ann Demeulemeester

Someone once said ‘It is not the clothes but the person who wears them’. That I guess is true but if you buy something that has some meaning to you because of its colour, fabric or style then you have added to it with your own identity.

Fuella x

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As this winter as been long, cold, windy and just annoying weather wise I am definitely going to make up for it in the summer with some super prints and colour. I feel that it is only right to make the most of good weather and beautiful clothes as neither of them get to see each other very much in the UK!

There is a refreshing feeling of everything goes with everything. Think personality, urban Asia and the area of the pantone chart you need sunglasses for.

YSL Dress with shell print waist £1740

The YSL shell print waist dress from Browns is the dress you wear in the city on return from holiday. Chic, stylish and the perfect colour to show off a tan. (sigh!) Are we sure the sun still exists? As I am losing hope.

Temperley London Cirque wide leather belt £235

I heart this dark orange leather belt with gold studs. It has a futuristic terracotta feel. Paired with a simple shirt dress or as some added spice to an evening dress it is perfect!

Erdem Silk Print Scarf £240

Summer needs a scarf that has the essence of hazy sun, freshly cut grass and delicious smelling beach oil spilt across in colour. Erdem has captured the mood with this beautiful silk print scarf. I will do a bit of tying this little number to my bag aswell- who says I don’t multi-task!

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I am definitely suffering from winter wardrobe fatigue. Be gone black, charcoal grey and navy. Sadly the temperature is not cooperating and so, I am left dreaming of crisp white trousers and losing myself in the Spring/Summer fashions.

I have just conducted a web window shopping tour of some of my favourite designer online stores. As a result I have chosen two gorgeous pieces to covet and drool over.
This Roksanda Ilincic number is fantastic for special occasions. Can someone plan a fancy party for the summer so I can go out and buy it?

Roksanda Ilincic ruched turquoise dress £918

And this Balenciaga Jacket would make a fabulous transitional S/S wardrobe staple.

Balenciaga Seersucker Jacket £855.

Too bad they are both so expensive, but, imagine how much use you would get out of them. I am slowly convincing myself.


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I am sure you will agree that changing ones cleanser can be a bit of a trauma. I do not have sensitive skin but also do not have the kind of skin you can slap just anything on. Having frequented many beauty hall counter in my time, I could present you with a executive level Powerpoint presentation of most top skin brands. Many of which promise the earth and skin as soft as a babies behind. And for some time, I believed them.

Which Cleanser?

Liz Earle was recommended to me with hushed tones by a friend who worked at Space NK. Their words were ‘Cleanse and Polish is the one, trust me’. This person worked at Space NK and was recommending another brand, well of course I was going to trust!

Liz Earle flagship store, Duke of York Sq, London

I wandered into the  shiny, mint green and wooden friendliness of the Liz Earle store in Duke of York Square near Sloane Street. I was greeted, given a demonstration and before I knew it, out the door clutching the cutest little bag containing the Cleanse and Polish kit (£13) complete with two muslin cloths. I also had a helping of healthy sized product samples without even asking. Try that elsewhere!

Liz Earle Website

The Cleanse and Polish is a delight to use and made with natural extracts of  camomile, rosemary and eucalyptus. You pump out a small amount of cream, massage it around your face (and eyes!) then wipe it off using the muslin cloth in warm water. Highly regarded by Beauty Editors in the know, I now agree as my skin has literally never felt so good.

I love the philosophy and people behind the brand. Working with the benefits of plant extracts the products are naturally good for the skin. They even employ the help of local community growers on the plant front.

Created by Liz Earle and her friend Kim Buckland in 1995. Liz has a background as a Beauty Editor and has written over 30 books on the subject. She is also an expert in botanical ingredients, natural health and well-being. Kim’s expertise on the manufacturing, retail and packaging side makes the partnership complete.

If you do anything when you are next in the Sloane area of London, take a tip from me and visit Liz Earle. Trust me your skin will thank you!

Fuella xx

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