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I always think that when you discover a really good find, it deserves the respect of being a word of mouth only gem! I think this is ethos of the legendary and beyond trend Jackson Store in Notting Hill London. Founded by twins Louise and Joey Jackson, the duo sport a perfect combination of design and business. Louise is the creative force behind the store and Joey is the business brains. The shop has been an authority of style and individuality since 2000.

Jacksons Store, pictured embroidered Lily Bag £150

Yesterday was cold, wet and an altogether gloriously traditionally English day of weather. However as I stepped off the street into the peach flower blotted corner building of the  store at 5 All Saints Road, I was transported to a world of colour on off-white canvas. Peering out from this haven onto such a drowned out day I loved the red birds and flowers painted on the windows with thick school paintbrush strokes.

Interior of Jacksons, Nottinghill

Renowned for beautifully hand-crafted leather boots, pumps and retro style heels, the store also stocks a hand-picked selection of Aztec and meadow coloured tea dresses (£125-£395),  super fitting Nudie jeans £95, accessories and candles- very delicious candles from £15!

Interior of Jacksons, Nottinghill

I am afraid I am a sucker for a shop dog and when this little fellow strutted out to greet me on arrival I could have stayed all day.

Super Cute Shop Pooch! Collars from £24-£47

Of course he had a serious marketing ploy as he was cunningly demonstrating the stores unique line in super stylish dog collars from £27. This also translates to belts and other leather accessories.

Dog Collars £27 and Candles from £15- perfect!

The store and nearby concession at J Beetons on Ledbury Street, have a unique and inspiring curated feel and are constantly evolving so it is worth coming back to see what is new.  I understand that the company is set to re-launch its website soon. You heard it here first….

Fuella xx

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There are few things I find more exciting and reviving than making a snap decision to spend a weekend somewhere different. Of course organising every detail of a future holiday is exciting but the idea of throwing a few things into a bag and waltzing off away from the norm is fun! There is an element of  the unknown. Knowing you kind of have an idea of where you are going but will spend most of the time discovering a new place and all its nooks and crannys.

'I will respect the Manolo's and walk on like a true lady'

The thing you need for these last minute flights of fancy is the perfect weekend bag. I have been on the hunt for one of these for it seems like an eternity. I have always said to myself that I will hold out on having a super luxe one until I can make a decision. Sure it would be easy to wander over to LV with the rest of them and buy something predictable but I am pretty much looking for the holy grail of weekend bags. Something I can use for years to come, that will age beautifully and hold the essence of spilt perfume, romantic jaunts and six different mobile chargers!

My initial investigations have led me to the below.

Longchamp Legende £520

Longchamp are renowned for beautifully crafted accessories and I think the Legende is a perfect example. This is perfect for long lingering weekends in the Cotswolds. With plenty of pockets for all those little things you stuff in your bag last minute- this is well made multi-tasking bag that does not fail to impress on the style front. I have also heard that the Kate Moss collection for Longchamp is worth a look, although I am not one for fashion collaborations.

Mulberry Racing Clipper £450

Mulberry uses the finest leathers and crafting traditions to create unique fashion accessories for Women and Men. My heart skipped a beat and my MacBook squeaked delightedly when we saw their new Mulberry for Apple range. The Racing Clipper bag is an expression of Englishness. I have visions of adding a colourful print scarf to its handles and popping it in the back of an old MG car en route to somewhere gorgeous!

Stella McCartney Delibuta weekend Tennis bag £130

The modern oversized Delibuta bag by Stella McCartney for Adidas is super cool and perfectly convenient. Specifically designed for tennis players, I find that it also a deceivingly grande weekend or overnight bag.

I hope I have inspired you or at least Fuelled your thought in time for the weekend. Or if you are staying in town for the frenzied London Fashion Week- good luck!

Fuella x

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I do not need to write a touching tribute to the talent that was Lee McQueen. Thoughts are enough. Today there is a world of fashion heavy with thought and shock, who can each translate his untimely passing in their own words, with their own tributes.

He was an authority of fashion who led and others followed. His legacy and presence will live vividly in the collections he majestically created.

I loved McQueen as he was and will always be an inspiration to every talented young designer who passes through the worlds fashion colleges with ambition and a dream.

Sometimes, in this industry called fashion, the term ‘Icon’ can fall from lips or be penned a little too loosely. In the case of Lee McQueen from London’s East End, it could not be a more perfect expression.


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As several US Eastern States battle with the biggest winter snow storms since the 1920s I found myself getting all dreamy over floaty dusky pink silk dresses and sachel bags today. Summer- we love you, come on already!

However, putting Summer on the back-burner and easing into Spring nicely,  I have been wiling away the winter blues by compiling a list of some sartorial dreams in my new deliciously Cerulean blue notebook by Smythson!

This exercise as far as I am concerned is a compolsory research on behalf of any Fuella blog readers who are beside themselves with worry about what to wear this Spring. It is my sartorial duty!

First up on my gorgeous little list is this pinstripe pleat jacket from the Twenty8Twelve Miller sisters. Its going to be perfect with mini-dresses, over jeans and I can also transcend this little number for wearing with black tights on those chilly Spring days.

Pinstripe Pleat Jacket Twenty8Twelve £85

I know I don’t do a sale but this jacket is currently discounted to £85 at My-wardrobe.com.

Next up, I am all for paints and prints next season and love love love the fun of these paint-brush stroke leggings from Beatrice Boyle at Browns for only £35.

Beatrice Boyle Paintbrush stroke leggings £35

I am going to team these under a short evening dress and also with one of my trusty Stella blazers- who said I can’t multi-task! I have also been developing a little thing for the below delectable Fantasy print knot kimono dress by Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti.

Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, Fantasy Print Kimono Dress £324

It is one of those everything dresses that can look great with sandals during hot summer days in the city or with sky high stiletto’s and a sparkly clutch at night.

As I said previously, this is purely research based, at this stage and will only produce the plastic in a real sartorial emergency.

I can make do with what I have for at least another week and only then will I start panicking.

Keep on Fuelling!!


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Cerulean Blue, I love You

I have been stricken by passionate, uncontrollable love. It is not for a person, or thing, but for a colour: Cerulean Blue.

The name says everything. It is the colour of those pure blue, cloudless skies on a bright summer’s day!  It is heavenly and it is super chic. I have to admit that my love has lead me  to wanting all of these Smythson’s accessories in Cerulean Blue.

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL Panama Notebook, Cerulean Collection at Smythson £59

However, the thing I need most of all, is the gorgeous little booklet that says “Life is Beautiful”. Perfect as a journal and holding all my thoughts and ideas.


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