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Sartorially speaking, some things have never had a fair trial in the past. Shoulder pads, leggings and back-combed hair were ripped apart during the 1990’s. It was not until a few savvy fashionista’s reinvented them in a more refined way did we succumb to their wayward charms. I may be putting my head on the line here, but who reading this does not own a pair of leggings?

One of the things I thought I would never find myself pondering again is a bodysuit. Yes, you heard it right. However,  I can tell you that the fabulous people at Wolfords have  a range of bodysuits that fit like gloves or as Wolfords put it- ‘a second skin’. They are perfect for work worn under smart trousers or, laid back chic attire paired with a skater skirt.

Either way, Walfords is certainly a place worth having a good root around in. A good friend of mine also pointed out that their trousers are also great little finds and come neatly packed in a little box.

Next time you are in there picking up some of their fantastic tights, look beyond the hosiery and you may just be pleasantly surprised!

Fuella xx


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Grow your own!

We are nearing that ‘nowhere’ time of year that’s not sure if it’s winter, spring or what. Inches at a time, days are stretching themselves out a little bit longer. Furry gilets and jumper dresses that ticked the style and warm boxes a few months ago are now just taking up too much space in the wardrobe! It is definitely not time to start pondering tea dresses and pastel coloured pedicures but I feel a burst of awakening in preparation for spring which will be here soon.

In honour of Spring, one of my favourite seasons I am usually busy planting little surprises in my garden around now. Okay, so it is a London garden and I do not have rows and rows of fruit trees majestically sweeping for acres, but I do have a little corner of herbs, bulbs and vegetables. Last year I got a little carried away with the bulbs and popped about 20 of them in a round fat plant pot. Needless to say it looked like a re-run of Little Shop of Horrors when June hit and I spent the rest of the summer tending to my mutant shrubs.

I think my sweet neighbours took pity on my juvenile gardening efforts and gingerly passed a young tomato plant over the fence. ‘Water it alot’ they said. I did water it, but how much water does a little cute plant need? A good deal more than what I gave it. I wandered out there one day and found it lying in state. My attempts to revive it with Levington’s ‘Tomatorite Food’ did not help matters and in the dead of night, we chopped the poor thing up and added it to the compost heap.

This year I am thinking of scaling things back and kitting out a modest sized herb box on the window ledge. I am taking inspiration from The London Vegetable Garden blogspot and the featured book. Will check in with you again around late spring and let you know how the little greens are surviving!

Fuella x

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Collaborations seem to have become a right of passage across the fashion industry and after the initial rush of interest, the idea is losing momentum and becoming decidedly boring.  It seems that any designer/brand worth their weight in salt seems to have crossed the divide into art and music and brainstormed ideas to creative something innovative, limited edition and collectable.

I admit to jumping on the bandwagon with some of the most memorable such as Louis Vuitton/Richard Prince, Kate Moss/Topshop and Stella McCartney/H&M. It was novel, fun and interesting. However, 2008-2009 saw a leap in these kind of collaborations and the industry seems saturated with partnerships!

Lindsay Lohan and Ungaro, Lily Allen and New Look and one of the most puzzling is the recent news of a collaboration between Jimmy Choo and Ugg. Yes, they are both footwear brands and are very popular but is the pairing of comfy, leisure shoes with slinky, towering heels not slightly strange?

First things first, I NEED to see what they look like. Perhaps the curiosity of such a partnership will drive this one more than the design aspect.

Talking of design, my thoughts go out to the poor souls lumbered with the creative on this one. Fur lined, six-inch stiletto anyone?

If you feel tempted to buy a pair of ‘Chugs’- post me a picture.

Fuella xx

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Contrary to popular belief, I like cooking and think that when the culinary gods are on my side and the moon is in the right place, it is actually edible. My favourite cuisine is difficult to pin point, I think it has to do with certain times of the year and where I am. London in January?,  I am going to want a mean vegetable casserole or a generous helping of lobster ravioli. New York in the Spring? well that’s easy, I’ll make a beeline for some pork belly and shalots topped with an optional poached egg.

There is however one dish I will always favour and that it the home cooked variety! hungryhouse.co.uk is a new and exciting initiative in London which encourages chefs and food lovers (who can cook) to open pop- restaurants or takeaways and try their hand at selling some of their home-made dishes. It is worked out by the radius you are willing to deliver to. You register on the website, get your culinary ability approved and assuming all is fine- you’ll find yourself culinary mobile and getting paid for it.

My plan is to get some friends together, cook up lots of delicious things and work out what I could put on my takeaway menu. I just have to worry that I may become too high in demand.

Beware Nigella and Gordon- Fuella is in the kitchen!

Fuella xx

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If there is one thing Fuella cannot do- its a sale. Last week I wandered out to Westfield London for a relaxing stroll around. Admiring the magnificent architectural structure, streamed with light and filled with covetable goodies I will of course not be tempted by, although some frenzied shoppers were on a mission!  They careered around like people gone mad. Casing every square inch of the place with ‘sale’ eyes lit like beacons and hot-footing it into every store with a blazing red sign outside.

At one point I feared for my immediate personal safety when two apparent ‘ladies’, one in Dior snowboots and the other in a furry heaven poncho (personal note to self!) proceeded to screech and scrawl at a discounted messenger bag. I could not condone this kind of behaviour, unless the item was at least 60% percent off, bespoke and signed by the designer.

Later, I consoled myself at Crepe Affaire with a Nutella crepe and hastened to the belief that apart from a few sale induced cases of madness, Westfield is becoming a pretty cool place to strut. I love the pop up music and fashion events and shiny new global fashion stores to discover in hidden nook and crannys.

However, the ultimate Fashionista nod of approval is that the super cool and totally chic Net-A-Porter girls have sailed their fashion ship out West from Queensway and now reign on high in offices of pristine gorgeousness on the top floor.

If you go up there knocking for some sound sartorial advice, do not tell them I sent you!

Fuella xx

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Happy New Year to all you fellow Fuellista’s. 2010 is full of promise and fun. As I sit here sipping a ginger and lemon tea with an obscene helping of honey, I am committed to doing my bit by making this year a year that counts for Fuelling the Economy. You can get involved by joining the ‘Fuel the Economy Movement at fueltheeconomy.org and sending me your ideas at fuellista@googlemail.com and on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000543937560&ref=ts.

Christmas with all its saturation and indulgence is past and now it is time for a sartorial detox. The spring palettes spilt over British Vogue’s pages are crispy pastel and blushing nudes and I love it. Spreading that over a backdrop of powdery snow and I am all set. It is time for scaling back, writing down some plans for the year and doing my best to stick to it- at least till end of February!

I went on a beautiful notebook purchasing expedition yesterday and have shortlisted a few contenders below. Complete with that new smelling gorgeousness- each one is worth of everything from a modest detox shopping lists, spring inspired poetry and vulgarly scrawled hushed secrets. This is your year!!

Mulberry Notebook £60 http://www.mulberry.com

Liberty of London Turquoise sketch book £30 http://www.liberty.co.uk

Coloured notebook, Caroline Gardner £9.95 http://www.carolinegardner.com

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