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Hall of fame

The Hall of Fame is on the search for the best purchases which tick all the good boxes that help to Fuel the Economy. Maybe your excited because it was beautifully made and was the last one in the shop, or maybe it is something you have lusted after for months and it is finally yours. What ever the reason, we would love to know and more importantly see!


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I died and went to heaven after visiting Anthropologie at 158 Regent Street today. It is full of everything lovely and is the perfect place for pottering around in, something that is not often done in London’s West End!

Histoires de Parfum £115.23 at AnthropologieI have to say that a bottle of Histoires de Parfum 1804 whiled its way from the store on on to my dresser at home. Made by perfumers D.S & Durga this scent has a very Parisian base with clean musk, white jasmine, vanilla blended with pineapple and peach notes. Clever, unique, old style and perfect for crisp autumn days.

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