Ladies and Gentlemen, again I must apologize for my small absence. Truth is, I’ve been busy on various and sundry projects, one of which I am very excited about. If you are London based, you must absolutely head East this weekend to check out the Icon Design Trail and The Poundshop, which features the coolest products, including Forma notebooks and wrapping paper, inspired by patterns from Russian Constructivism.  The address: Alma showroom, 12-14 Greatorex Street, London, E1 5NF. Opening Hours 16th-19th September 12-6pm. The most exciting thing is that Michelle Alger, Buying Manager – Home, at Liberty has  selected her favourite Poundshop Products and Forma wrapping paper is among her picks. You must be wondering why I care so much about Forma – well, I can tell you that it’s a little project that my alter-ego (who shall remain nameless but some of you may guess) has been working on. Check out the lovely Forma website too.

Poundshop Website - you can also buy online


Forma Website

Forma products for sale at The Poundshop

Crazy in lust

I am crazy in lust with this Tribute Vespa that combines two great design icons, the Riva boat and the Vespa scooter. I can’t say much more about it as I don’t know where to buy it or how much it costs but apparently it’s

Tribute Vespa, isn't she a beauty?

the perfect accessory for yacht-faring folk. I don’t have a yacht nor do I think you would need one in order to fully appreciate the beauty of this baby.


Sailing Away

My personal Seabag

Seabags from Maine (USA) combine two of my favorite things. They “up-cycle” – recycle old sails to create cool beach totes and other accessories, AND they allow you to personalize your bag. Every bag is handcrafted in Maine.

An artisan crafting a Seabag in MaineThey also make these cute weekendersMy personalized SeabagSailed around the world, recycled in Maine

I just love the custom trend. It just makes me feel great to have a product that is individualized. To know it’s unique to me. Like my Nike ID’s that have my initials on the back and come in a color combination I chose.  Ah, consumer satisfaction at it’s best. So you can imagine my exhilaration when I got my custom Seabag in the post yesterday – a large tote with the word MARE (Sea in Italian), emblazoned on the front in blue.  Beach, here I come!

Sailed around the world, recycled in Maine - love this sentence

Like Putty in her Hands

About a year ago or so I decided that I would spend less money on clothes and shoes, and more money on beauty and wellness. After all, I would rather look great in a paper bag than look like hell in a Balmain getup. I decided to start getting regular facials, invest in good products, eat lots of supplements, and do loads of yoga. My guiding light in a lot of this has been a website called http://www.victoriahealth.com. I discovered it several years ago because it stocks Cetaphil, my favourite gentle cleanser from the US. But more recently I really got into reading Gill’s monthly newsletters and trying (almost) everything she suggested. The letters are so verbose, but I read them front to back. I trust this woman. I won’t list ALL the things I’ve bought, but a few of the ones I keep getting more of: 1.) Miracle Lotion by Seven Wonders (little tip though: You can get the stuff for half the price from the US), it smells like a Hawaiian Luau and really does the trick for dry skin, great also for after-sun 2.) Hyaluronic Acid in capsules – a great supplement for your skin 3.) The Wondercap, a kind of heatable shower-cap you put on your hair when you apply deep conditioning treatment and 4.) Valerie Beverly Hills bee sting lip plumper, which will keep you away from the plastic surgeon and with luscious lips. Ok, I will stop myself there. More of Fuella’s beauty secrets next time!

Cetaphil, trusty and inexpensive cleanser

Dangerous Discoveries

Yesterday, I got caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella and had to retreat into Liberty to stay dry. Now Liberty is one of my favourite London shops. I know it’s polarizing like Marmite, some people hate it and think it’s a merchandising disaster of Titanic proportion, while others, like me, think it’s a fabulous authentic shopping experience, with always a surprise in store. Yesterday’s surprise was the new Assouline shop in shop, a book-lovers paradise. From the sacred (they sell a massive book on the Haggadah) to the profane (The Sex Game Book), it seems that they have every topic covered and, well, with an abundance of style. You want to buy every last book in the store, and they even have vintage editions (like Irving Penn’s Flowers) that made my mouth water. And then there is this extremely luxurious and totally decadent Goyard trunk full of little Assouline biographies…is it too early to start my Christmas wish list?

Assouline Literary Lounge at Liberty

Beautiful Books

Vintage Editions...LOVE

Rick Owens super sexy leather jacket

I admit I have a long standing crush on Rick Owens. Not him actually, his clothes. Rick looks like he belongs in The Cult (the band, remember?) and I guess it’s exactly that rock aesthetic that I love about his clothes. The interesting thing though is that he combines that rock’n’roll flair with a timelessness and elegance that is sort of surreal. Just last week I had the hedonistic pleasure of trying on some of his Palais Royal furs. These are little fur jackets that are somehow so glamorous and cool at the same time. And they have the power to transform. You try one one on and whoah, you feel like a million bucks. One day I will also have the million bucks (not quite) to buy one. In the meantime though I’d settle for one of his fabulous leather jackets.



Ode to an English Rose

It’s that time of year. Every June, a man turns up at the Marylebone Farmer’s market (from about 10:30 am to 2:00 pm every Sunday in the car park behind Waitrose on Marylebone High St) selling the most beautiful, sweet smelling roses. £20 for three bunches that last all week and give you so much pleasure. The beautiful roses I bought for £20